Restoration of Sandpiper

Hi everyone,

This is a our first edition of the blog and we are happy to introduce our first article, the restoration of Sandpiper, here’s the story so far …..

Mr. Ian Mackie approached the Boatyard after seeing the quality of resotation work on our website and decided to have a full resotation, new rig and sails.

The boat is a classic National 12 Proctor Mark VIII built by Bob Hoare in 1960.  Kevin’s passion for wooden boats and restoring them far exceeds working on the glass boats which he has to put up with working on most of the time, and as you can see from the photogtraphs work is well underway, we have removed all the varnish from the cockpit, put in new knees to support the deck, new stringer and glued on the deck, we style the deck area around the shrouds and have to laminate layers of mahogany around the curve to create a more structural deck as there have been problems here in the past.

View next week to see the construction of the stripped inwhale work, and forget about the recession!!!


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